It’s that time of year! The USPSA Back-to-Back National Championships are finally here!!

This year I will be competing in Limited and Open, two categories that I spend the majority of my time in.. But, that still means that I have to be ready to go mentally, and physically! With a few new ladies competing in Limited this year, top ranked Open shooter Athena Lee for one, it will definitely make for a great competition! As far as Open goes, I don’t know of any new shooters yet, but I do know that some of the best ladies, Megan Francisco, Athena Lee, Kaci Cochran, Lisa Munson (just to rattle off a few) will be present for sure! So, with such a great group of ladies in attendance for both matches, I am looking forward it!

I’m wishing everyone a good and safe match for the duration!

Check back for updates through out the match, I’ll try and post some photos/videos as well! Also check in at my Facebook and Twitter accounts 🙂

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