Day 1 is finally over, which I was beginning to think it wouldn’t end!

I had a good day shooting, my first stage to start wasn’t great, I shot a no-shoot, not once, but twice (but made up the shots, and got my points)!! And surprisingly, I just shook it off.. Most of the time something like that makes me feel like the world is coming to an end.. It’s such a big mistake and to make it on the first stage!! But, knowing that this is an 18 stage 450 round match, I took my own advice, and shook it off. I didn’t let it phase me, and moved on to the next stages as if it didn’t even happen! By not letting it ruin my mental game, I shot the rest of the day clean and strong! 🙂

With some of the stages taking A LOT longer than others, everything got backed up, and my squad actually didn’t finish our stages for the day.. They announced on our 3rd to last stage, that we would get our walk through, and if we wanted to shoot, we could, but if not we had to be back in morning.. Leaving two more stages to make up as well. At that point, it’s kind of a tough decision to make on whether or not to shoot, and you definitely don’t want to make the wrong one. I managed to get one of the three stages in, but decided to wait on the other two. With the sun down below the berms, and the targets matching the color of the bays, it was just too risky! So, me and my squad will be on the range bright and early…er, than planned, to squeeze in the stages we couldn’t finish today.

Hoping everyone had a good day on the range as well, and hopefully things won’t be so backed up tomorrow!! Since I have to be up at a such an indecent hour 🙁 I am going to call it a night!

Check the videos page for new videos of the match, and also on my FB page.

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