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First Woman Athlete & Professional Shooter in History To Achieve Benchmark

(Miami, FL) – Taurus®, the global leader in REVOLVERmanufacturing, would like to congratulate Taurus Team Captain, Jessie Duff, on her recent achievement as USPSA Grand Master. Duff is the first female athlete and professional shooter to obtain the highest rank in the USPSA. Competing at this level for all of 2013 found Duff with a record-winning season while maintaining the USPSA requirement of scoring above a 95% average in all shooting classification courses.

“The Taurus Family could not be more proud of Jessie’s achievement as Grand Master of the USPSA. Her commitment to the sport, along with her dedicated training regime, only enhance the natural talent and ability that she possesses as a professional shooter,” states Mark Kresser, President and CEO of Taurus Holdings. “Her ability to participate at this level of competition goes beyond all of our expectations. We are truly honored to be a part of her journey.”

Duff’s most noted wins included the USPSA Open, Limited and Single Stack National Championships, along with multiple wins at the Steel Challenge World Championships. She also was awarded top titles at the Steel Challenge National Championships and the Arkansas Sectional Championships.

“The class of Grand Master in USPSA is the pinnacle of measured performance in our organization, which has, until now, only been reserved for many of the best male competitors in the sport,” commented USPSA President Phil Strader.  “It wasn’t that long ago that the first female broke into the Master ranks. No one would have ever guessed that the Grand Master mark would be attainable.  Jessie has proven that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. We here at USPSA are proud to have Jessie as a member and prominent professional marksman in the industry. We are confident that up and coming women in our sport will be able to see the example she has set, and strive to be the best they can be.”

As TAURUS TEAM CAPTAIN, Duff has become a role model for shooters of all ages. As an extension of her world of competitive shooting, she has developed the Taurus Young Guns shooting program. With the vision of developing a new generation of shooting ambassadors, meeting stringent requirements both on and off the range, this outreach program has been designed to develop the next champions in the competitive shooting world.
About Jessie Duff:
Jessie Duff has taken her shooting career of a beginner, all the way to a top ranked professional, earning multiple World and National Champion shooting titles, in five different shooting disciplines. Among these are the prestigious USPSA Grand Master, Bianchi Cup and the World Speed Shooting Championships. Jessie has also ranked in numerous regional and state champion matches as well. Reaching this level of shooting performance in her career, defines a well-disciplined competitor and role model for the Taurus Shooting Team.

About Taurus®:
Taurus® is the global leader in revolver production.  Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to be the U.S. importer of all Taurus brand firearms manufactured in Brazil and to be the manufacturer of the model PT-22, PT-25 and PT-738 pistols made here in the U.S.  Taurus International services all Taurus brand firearms under the LIFETIME REPAIR POLICY™ as well.  For additional information about Taurus, visit WWW.TAURUSUSA.COM. High-resolution images are available at WWW.TAURUSDOWNLOADS.COM.


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